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Four years ago, Freddy Flanagan had a vision he was set to fulfill. A movement dedicated to the gospel according to Jesus Christ. A passion filled with desire to introduce an awesome God that rules over us all. A desire so meaningful that it would touch the hearts of all denominations to bring us all together on one accord. 

It wasn’t a coincidence to me that The Cave celebrated 4 years on the same weekend of Pentecost Sunday… it was divine alignment. As my family and I walked into the venue in Columbia Maryland on Friday, June 6 … we were amerced into a family fun environment… praising God… all on one accord. I wish I could provide videos, but I was too busy dancing with my kids and enjoying the moment.

With glow sticks in the air, I rocked out to the most energetic artists in Christian Hip Hop, Worship and Praise Dancers: Sekou Haze, Brandon Scott, MRJIMMY SWAGGAR, UNCLE TONY, YUNG BAKE, Time to Twirl, Sheflowz, Dj Mlik, Russ Shanks, Scope, Brittany Dance, ASG, Loud Mouth, Leisha Lee, Bobby The Apostle, Sho, Dynamic Movement, Tornado 4:18 with Da Voice, Rainbow Israel, Blake, DPB and CREW and the JHM Team.

The dancing was over and I thought the night was complete. As I begun to pack up and gather the family, instead I took a seat to reflect and write notes as Freddy Flanagan graced the mic with an introduction to the most important moment of the night. . . a word from God. Delivered by David Whittington, a message to confirm that the best is yet to come. To go for your dreams and #keeppushing. “Church as usual” will never be the usual… events like “The CAVE” open our hearts and minds to possibilities that are not the norm. Serving an awesome God, clear from normality, THE CAVE shows us that in every way we can worship and praise God.

As I always say, “the Word is received in many different forms.” THE CAVE gives a vibe of “come as you are”, “be who you are” because God loves YOU! As my family and I did the “Jesus Shuffle” and swayed from left-to-right to the remix of Robin Thicke’s “Good Girl” replacing with “Good God” … I realized that my children were receiving a true word . . . a positive word . . . a true #purplepink moment.

As I smiled and mingled with the crowd consisting of young and old, from African – American to Korean, we were all on one accord. The Cave would not function without the support of many volunteers that put in overtime. Special shoutouts to: Darnice Wohlgemuth, Darlene Rodriguez, Joseph Harris, Telik Johnson, Roxy Stankiewicz, Joe Sanderson, Drew Reich, Anna Jost, Jamie Florez, Blake and Brittany Ennis.

The next Cave event is Friday, August 8 and the commercial says it all, check it out here. Your attendance is always appreciated however, The Cave now offers partnership opportunities for a monthly rate of $30. Every little bit helps.

I am officially a #Caver and have stamped this event #PurplePinkED!


Lights …Camera … Action …. Hitting the Stage … its Brandon Booth and Project Praise.

Crossing the threshold of Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in Baltimore Maryland, I have entered the land of P-Tropolis in the early 1930’s. Millions of jobs and businesses are lost due to the devastation of the Great Depression. The story and journey of Club Glitz comes alive with a masterpiece of praise and worship.

Right when all hope seems lost, songs like “Jesus Paid it All” rings in the back of my mind. The harmonic angelic vocals of leads Brandon A. Booth and Klaire S. Talbert reassures that “Heaven has already been paid for.” Sure to be a hit on WEAA The Voice of Community next Sunday morning, “Never Too Much Love” marked the beginning of brilliant vocal arrangement and a hidden gem in the voice of Lennea W. Boyd. To my surprise, Ms. Boyd had more than a couple of runs, but a professional tone of superior altoness. {Yes, I made that word up.}

It wouldn’t be a project of praise if we didn’t go to church with “I Can Depend on God” featuring Baltimore’s own April Hall. She was giving all types of “Mahalia Jackson” on this track. And to think that she was auditioning for a set at Club Glitz . . . . won’t spoil the details.

As the house lights burned bright for intermission I was able to run into some of Baltimore's favorite gospel artists and musicians ~ Steve McCoy, Eric Waddell, Mandela, Min. Vonita WhiteDonte Young, Vocal Director – Jimmy J and Pastor Kenyon Southers of Salt Nation Church &  Ministries. It was a great sight to see the support of fellow independent local artist; a true purplepink moment. 

Regardless of the theatrics and skits, Brandon Nance lead the audience into what he called “unmanufactured worship” -- An authentic sound of worship presented by the band – Daniel Curtis (Keys/Organ), Ryan Kaz Turner (Percussion), Dominique Brice (Keys/Organ), Joseph Pryor (Bass Guitar), Michael Gary II (Lead Guitar), BBHornz (Horn Section), Tayvon Booze (Track Effects), and De’Andre Tyson (Band Assistant.).

The formula that won the evening: Visual + Music + God’s Love = Project Praise Experience. I was intrigued by the professional production. I could acknowledge and receive the hard work that was sown into this project. Through this illustration, Project Praise has elevated what worship is and how it is shown. This music will lead you to have a head-over-heels relationship with God; I am head-over-heels in love with Project Praise and I have officially stamped this live recording #PurplePinkED.

Stay connected with Brandon Booth and Project Praise on their social media networks and make sure to grab the DVD & CD when released on iTunes.

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I walked in the church and immediately I was immersed into “Dott World” …

The cars were parked beyond the white lines and the bass pumped as I walked in the lobby of Fresh Start Church, Pastor Craig Coates , Odenton Maryland.  Was I really in church…. Yes but church conducted in true “Dott” Fashion.

So I transformed and prepared for a night I would not forget.

Dott an engaging host, lyrically raw rapper, devoted youth pastor and a genuine “trying to make it” brother. From the stages of Apollo, 106 & Park and TRL, Dott has transformed his life back to Christ after hearing “How many people out of these thousands of views have you killed with your mouth?”

Red Dott has returned to the stages once for secular music now as am ambassador for Christ.

Now he not only embraces his purpose, but his new family, love for music and food. Embarking on this endeavor, Dott elevates his ministry through laughter with his first Live Comedy Recording “I am Not All the Way There Yet.” A mutual feeling for many new believers and even life-long believers needing a fresh start on a new feeling.

Dott opens his platform to aspiring talents such as Donald Simms, Jr. and One Voice Band to open his show. I rocked hard to Sunshine Anderson while delicious food was served. Just a perquisite to the funnies we were about to hear. Finally the curtain called for Red Dott to grace the stage. He didn’t waste anytime discussing how hungry he was or pointing out that a “big dude” shouldn’t wear stripes. It wasn’t long before the tales of his cousin Rufus literally had him rolling on the floor… yes he did that.

Dott might have used his standup to share funny stories about his upbringing or even the fact that he is getting used to having children for the first time with his new wife; but he also genuinely pounded the existence of what Dott used to be and what he was trying to accomplish… one day at a time. Hence the title of the show “I am Not All the Way There Yet”.

At the end of the show, it was clear the calling on Dott’s life not only to share his testimony but to share in his own way resounded heavily within the audience. A standing ovation and cheers roared the auditorium as his wife, Mrs. Dott, applauded her husband for standing for what is right and embracing a change that not everyone can accept.

Sometimes in life there are moments of triumph, moments of disappointment and moments of restoration. I felt each of those moments in genuine belief that Dott was called to change, called to minister, called to embrace the masses and bring those that are pondering back to what will restore all hurt and bring forth a lifetime of wealth.

This DVD is a must have for youth department ministries in all denominations. Perfect for bus trips or even a movie night. The DVD will be available on iTunes Friday, May 16th. If you can not wait until then, invite Red Dott to minister at your next youth event. Visit the website at www.christaffiliatedtv.com for more details.

At the end of the day, we will continue to Turn Up Red Dott. I have officially #PurplePinkED Red Dott’s Live Comedy Recording.

DC Fashion Week Presents 
The Haute & Modesty Show Featuring 
AP For Women

Ashley P Designs features clothing lines and apparel for women interested in modern modesty wear.  Ashely Pecolia made her mark during New York Fashion Week, September 8, 2012, showcasing her Spring 2013 collection.  Since then, she has skyrocketed branding a modern modest look for women in over twenty publications and nominated for Emerging Designer of the Year 2013 and 2014, Fashion Awards MD.

Recently, Ashley Pecolia welcomed #PurplePink at the DC Fashion Week 2014 “Haute and Modesty Fashion Show”.  Her line, different than the others, set a modern mindset for modesty embracing the current women’s silhouette and texture style… modesty is no longer a bad word when styled by AP for Women.

After the great show that capped off with AP for Women winning a spread in Azizah Magazine, the world’s window to the Muslim American women; we sat down with Ashley Pecolia and conversed about #progressivelypositive AP for Women.

PurplePink: What is your definition of modest apparel? 

AP For Women: {Modest women} should be able to wear clothes that are stylish, make a women feel beautiful without them having to feel exposed.

PurplePink: What or who inspires your designs? 

AP For Women: The Jet-Setter lifestyle. I love seeing busy people and they always look great, they wake up looking gorgeous. It is like they are saying having a busy life does not excuse poor outfit decisions. Being that they are always on the move I always use chiffon because the movement it gives is so beautiful, it dances on the body. 

PurplePink: If you could design for a celebrity (we know you have done this before) who would it be? 

AP For Women: Janet Jackson, I love her! 

PurplePink: What is next for 2014?

AP For Women: LA Fashion Week in October and you can see a revamped website very soon.

Good luck this year Ashley.  You have been officially #PurplePinkED!. 

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Antonio Long's
 "The LIFE Project" 

When you think of gospel meeting neo-soul sounds, normally thoughts like “that’s wassup” and “need that in my life” come to mind. Antonio Long’s “The LIFE Project” is no exception.

Antonio Long, Baltimore Maryland native, propels his new year with the release of “The LIFE Project: Volume 1”. This album brings the spiritual soul to the sermonic ear that satisfies not only the heart but the mind.

The 9-track album profoundly titled “The LIFE Project” speaks for itself with the overall theme geared toward a day in the life of Antonio Long encouraging all walks of life through faith, fun and positivity with songs such as “Do It”.

Just when you’re expecting pure lyricism and laid back beats from most of these tracks, you get the blend of soul and testimony infused with the calmness of a storm with songs like “Without You” and “Just Pray”.

Antonio Long doesn’t stop there. Worship-themed songs such as “Broken Pieces” balance out the project’s sonic palette.

The production of this effort flows just as awesomely as God’s anointing, with production companies such as Faith Junkie, Revelashunz and Unseen Energy.

Antonio Long #turnsup the new year with a must-have for every believer.  From the single parent to the struggling student to the overworked minister of music.  Not only is this great music, it also encourages us all to step out on faith and just do it.  Keep praying and know that life is definitely a project with many volumes. This mixtape has been officially #PurplePinkED!